Donald Trump mocked for ‘Game Of Thrones’ wall meme

"Cuz the wall worked SOOOO well in #GameofThrones"

Game of Thrones fans have mocked Donald Trump’s efforts to push his agenda for the US-Mexico border wall.

Warning: the below features Game Of Thrones season 7 spoilers

The latest meme shared by the US president features an image of Trump with the caption, “The Wall Is Coming”, a reference to the famous tagline from the HBO fantasy drama.


But as many social media users point out (beware, spoilers ahead), the Great Wall of Westeros collapsed in the Season 7 finale (2017).

The meme follows another one shared by via the president’s Twitter in November last year, in which Trump announced the reimposition of sanctions on Iran. This meme also borrowed the Game of Thrones typeface and played on the famous tagline: “Sanctions Are Coming.”

Game of Thrones fans have not only pointed out that the latest meme is a redundant pastiche but that the wall portrayed in Trump’s meme is actually a fence.


Other users raised the idea that Trump and his PR team missed the larger, thematic point of the wall in the fantasy saga.

“Winter Is Coming” is a nod to the looming natural threat of climate change, Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin told the New York Times in October 2018. “There is — in a very broad sense — a certain parallel there,” he said.

Despite the Trump administration’s apparent misfire with the latest meme, it’s certainly given Game Of Thrones fans a giggle. Check out some reactions below.

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