Donald Trump’s Wrestlemania video is now his most popular tweet ever

He posted the bizarre Wrestlemania clip on Sunday.

Donald Trump has scored his most popular tweet of all time, after the U.S president posted a video that showed him attacking the CNN logo during a wrestling match.

The video featured doctored footage from Trump’s 2007 Wrestlemania appearance – which initially showed him tackling WWE CEO Vince McMahon to the floor.

In the clip posted by Trump, a CNN logo appears over McMahon’s face as he is dragged to the floor before receiving a mock beating from Trump – with the post captioned #FraudNewsCNN #FNN.


Now, the controversial tweet has become his most popular of all time, after garnering a staggering 325,000 retweets and 542,000 favourites.

The tweet has received huge criticism – with Last Week Tonight host John Oliver claiming it was an attempt to distract people from the partial reinstatement of his travel ban which prevents citizens from six Muslim-majority countries travelling to the United States.

Oliver said: “He’s been pretty open about how grossly shitty he can be, so we can’t be shocked when he suddenly is.”

Oliver also addressed how the new travel ban will allow citizens with “a credible claim of a bonafide relationship with a person or entity” to stay in the US – with Trump’s administration excluding grandparents from the ‘bonafide’ category.


He said: “Grandparents don’t count as close family? Good luck telling them that. This ban is cruel, it’s unnecessary, and it undermines our standing in the world. So you would think the President would at least be justifying its existence. Instead, he keeps derailing the conversation with his barrage of bullshit.”