A-ha! Doncaster hotel’s ‘Accidental Alan Partridge’ video goes viral

Comparisons have been made between Derek Thompson and Alan Partridge

A hotel advert that has been labelled the best “Accidental Partridge” ever has resurfaced in the wake of Steve Coogan’s character returning to TV.

Channel 4 racing presenter Derek “Tommo” Thompson promotes The Crown Hotel Bawtry in Doncaster in a fashion that many viewers have likened to Coogan’s fictional broadcast host, Alan Partridge.

The video was shared in 2012 but appears to have surged in popularity after Coogan’s new series This Time premiered on the BBC earlier this week, which sees the bumbling Partridge tackle a BBC magazine news programme.


Viewers of the hotel advert were quick to point out apparent similarities between Partridge and Thompson’s presenting style, with one YouTube user writing: “Tommo single-handedly manages to out Partridge Alan Partridge.”

Alan Partridge

Another commented: “Pure Partridge! Classic!” while another wrote: “Tommo, is it true Alan Partridge studies your work?”

In the advert, Thompson is seen lavishing praise on the hotel’s food before apologising to a group of women after bursting into a bathroom unannounced.


Later, he walks into a bedroom and joins two bath-robed women laying on a bed, saying: “There’s something in the hotel bedroom here that you won’t find in any other hotel in Britain.”

This Time airs on Mondays on BBC One at 9pm.