E4 announce ‘Vlogglebox’ show, where teens review online content

The programme follows the success of 'Gogglebox' and its spin-off 'Gogglesprogs'

E4 have announced a new show called Vlogglebox, which will follow a similar format to the popular series Gogglebox.

Instead of the programme filming people as they watch TV, however, Vlogglebox will focus on teens reviewing online content like viral videos and other clips.

The series will run for six episodes and has been created by Studio Lambert, which is the same production company that is behind Gogglebox, as Buzzfeed reports.

The idea behind the show is that young people don’t consume conventional television in the same way as generations past did. The programme makers’ aim is to have the series’ cast reviewing content in the same week as it goes online or becomes popular, to keep up with the fast pace of the internet.

The show will also reflect the fact that people watch viral videos and internet clips from a variety of locations, thus will capture participants consuming content outside of just their homes. Most of the programme will also be shot by the cast themselves, either on their phones or via cameras attached to devices.

Channel 4’s deputy chief creative officer Ralph Lee said in a statement: “This new project with Studio Lambert brings a unique mix of short-form content and innovation to the recognisable Gogglebox brand – bringing together the best of traditional television and changing viewing habits of teenagers.

“It is a great opportunity to explore new ways to engage with younger audiences and hear what the youth of today really think about the world around them.”

Vlogglebox will launch on E4 on June 18.