Ed Balls and Michael Gove do the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance for ‘The Last Leg’

Rival politicians Ed Balls and Michael Gove have come together for a sketch on ‘The Last Leg’ – dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’ together.

In the wake of last week’s general election result and to promote this weekend’s ‘More In Common’ campaign inspired by the late Jo Cox, former Labour MP Balls and the newly appointed Conservative Environment Secretary Gove star in this Friday’s special two-hour edition of the Channel Four show to celebrate unity rather than division.

The clip shows former ‘Strictly’ star Balls in a lift with Gove, attempting to teach him to dance to Psy’s viral 2012 hit.

Channel 4 said: “It may only be a short lift ride but perhaps a shared love of Korean pop music and dance will help them settle their differences by the time they reach their destination?”

Balls and Jo Cox’s husband Brendan then took to Twitter to respond:

The Great Get Together’ – a huge nationwide event coming this weekend from June 16-18 to celebrate unity and togetherness throughout the UK.

“The Great Get Together is inspired by Jo Cox, who was killed on 16 June last year,” reads a statement. “We believe there is a groundswell of people who reject divisive politics and simply want to bring our communities together and celebrate all that unites us. This is our chance.

They added: “This weekend is inspired by Jo Cox, but we expect people to take part for many different reasons.”

Mother of two and Labour MP for Batley and Spen Jo Cox was killed on June 16 last year, when she was stabbed to death by a lone knifeman. She will be remembered in what is hoped will be 100,000 nationwide events from June 16 to 18.