Elizabeth Olsen was “frustrated” watching her ‘WandaVision’ performance

"I can see my 10-year-old theatre-kid self playing out to the audience"

Elizabeth Olsen has spoken about her frustration in adapting her “theatre kid” performances for TV in WandaVision.

The show has been a huge hit for Disney+, despite one of the show’s stars Paul Bettany saying that his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is uncertain.

Speaking to Variety, Olsen said: “When I watched the first episode, I’m like, ‘Oh, goddamn it.’ I was so frustrated, because I can see my 10-year-old theatre-kid self playing out to the audience instead of the camera.”


The actress also said the experience felt like “trying to survive by going as quickly as possible,” adding: “The only time we would slow down [on WandaVision] is when we get into Marvel Land. Marvel’s just such a strange beast. It’s the biggest stakes in the entire world: ‘The world’s going to end. Humans are going to die!’ But it’s all about character.”

Wandavision episode 3
Vision and Wanda take the next step in their marriage during episode three. Credit: Marvel

In a recap of the WandaVision finale – which contains spoilers – NME wrote: “Sticking to the grand Marvel tradition of ending things with a bang, episode nine packs more fireworks into its 50-minute runtime than most blockbuster movies – and it does it alongside one of the most sensitively written emotional dramas in the MCU.”

Last month, Elizabeth Olsen’s newest TV role was confirmed, as the actress was revealed to have been cast as small town murderer Candy Montgomery in new HBO series Love And Death.

The show will focus on a notorious murder in Texas in 1980, with Olsen playing Montgomery, a woman who was convicted of murdering her neighbour and friend Betty Gore with an axe.

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