Emilia Clarke reveals the ‘Game Of Thrones’ memento HBO won’t let her have

It's enough to make a Mad Queen wig out

Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has revealed there’s a treasured memento show bosses HBO wouldn’t let her keep – despite playing Daenerys Targaryen for nearly a decade.

Clarke has revealed she requested to keep one of her Daenerys wigs from the show when filming finished – but she’s still waiting.


Speaking of her request, Clarke told Access: “I was, ‘Pretty please, can I have a wig?’ Because that’s my thing, it’s my hair.” Clarke said that HBO initially seemed OK to let her keep the wig, but that’s she’s still waiting. She explained: “They were like, ‘Yeah, sure, maybe.’ But I have not seen the wig! We wrapped, like, a year and a half ago. I’m waiting for my wig.”

Despite fan controversy over how Game Of Thrones’ eighth and final series ended in May, the HBO behemoth was the runaway winner at this week’s Emmys. It picked up 12 awards, including the most prestigious prize of Best Drama Series.

Having hung up her Daenerys wig for good, Clarke will next be seen in the romcom Last Christmas. Made by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, Last Christmas stars Clarke as a woman fed up with her job as an elf at a Christmas store. It co-stars Henry Golding as a soup kitchen volunteer who keeps bumping into Clarke and Emma Thompson as Clarke’s mother.

Last Christmas is based around the music of George Michael and will feature unreleased music by the iconic singer, who died in 2016.

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