Eric Andre remembers meeting MF DOOM when he was starting out

"He seemed like salt of the earth"

Eric Andre has recalled meeting MF DOOM when he was a teenager.

The actor and comedian detailed his conversation with the legendary rapper in a new interview with NME, saying DOOM “is what rap should be”.

“I ran backstage and got to see him without his mask on, which was very cool,” Andre said of his first meeting with DOOM after a gig at a friend’s spring break event.


“I was like, ‘Hey I’m finishing college I want to intern at Stone’s Throw records and he gave me somebody’s email that worked at Stone’s Throw and told me to email someone.

“He was very patient with me, very grounded and sincere. For me at that age, to see a hero of mine telling me to just email these guys, he seemed like salt of the earth.”

Reflecting on DOOM’s impact, Eric Andrew said: “He is what rap should be. Rap isn’t macho and aggressive. It shouldn’t be run by jocks. He was like, rap is very mellow, it should be relaxing and simple.

“Wordplay is just like fun with the poetry and flow of rhyming and the musicality of that. MF DOOM captured that spirit and had such a unique voice and such a unique point of view.”

Of the moment his death was announced, Andre added: “He’s one of the few celebrities who brought tears to my eyes when I found out he passed away.”


Elsewhere, Andre said on Twitter yesterday (April 21) that he was recently racially profiled by plain-clothes police offers at an Atlanta airport.