Essex police find Negan’s ‘Lucille’ baseball bat from ‘The Walking Dead’ in crime scene

The weapon was found in an abandoned car in South Ockendon

Essex police found a baseball bat similar to The Walking Dead character Negan’s ‘Lucille’ weapon in an abandoned car this weekend (October 27).

The vehicle in question had reportedly failed to stop for PC Paul Glensman and his colleague PC Britton earlier in the night and was later found without its driver in South Ockendon.

Glensman tweeted a photo of the weapons found in the car, which included a baseball bat that had been covered in barbed wire, like the one Negan uses in the popular apocalyptic TV show.

“Some nasty items found inside, including @JDMorgan’s #lucille,” the officer wrote. “Glad these have at least been taken off the streets tonight. Enquiries now begin!”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the character on the programme, responding to the policeman’s tweet, letting him know he was far away from the crime scene. “I’m in Georgia USA!!” he wrote, to which Glensman replied: “Thank you, we will eliminate you from our enquiries.”

Season nine of The Walking Dead premiered earlier this month. Only 6.08 million people tuned in to watch the first episode of the new series in the US, making it the lowest-watched season premiere since the pilot episode, which aired in 2010.

It has been confirmed to be Andrew Lincoln’s (who plays Rick Grimes) last series. In June, an extensive survey revealed that 44 percent of the show’s fans said they would stop watching once the actor was no longer a part of the story. Only 19 percent of those polled said they would continue with the show.