‘Euphoria’: Angus Cloud says Nate got what was “needed”

**Spoilers for season two below**

Euphoria star Angus Cloud has spoken out about the brutal ending in the first episode of season two.

Cloud who plays drug dealer Fezco in the hit teen drama gets brutal revenge on high-schooler Nate (Jacob Elordi), who tipped off the cops about Fez’s operation at the end of season one, leading to a raid on his home.

This leads to Fez taking a bottle to Nate’s head and then relentlessly smashing his face while he’s lying on the floor.


Speaking in new interview with NME, Cloud said: “I was like, ‘Damn, he over-killed him!’ He was going for, like, 30 seconds. Like, damn!”

CREDIT: Hector Rodriguez

He added: “I thought it was what needed to happen [to Nate].”

Cloud said filming for the scene was draining and it took “a big chunk of the day”.

“It was pretty intense. But it was a good day. It’s definitely tough, but the energy’s in the room, so you just feed off of that, y’know?” he continued.

Meanwhile, HBO recently revealed twice as many people are watching the second season of Euphoria than the first.


The teen drama has nearly doubled its season one per-episode viewership, jumping from a 6.6million average for the first season to 13.1million viewers since the second season first aired on January 9.

In a five-star review of Euphoria season two, NME called the new episodes “darker, tougher and more intense” and a show that “sets the bar very high for TV in 2022″.

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