‘Euphoria’: Zendaya reveals sentimental meaning behind Rue’s hoodie

"[I wanted to capture] that attachment that you have to inanimate objects"

Euphoria star Zendaya has revealed her sentimental attachment to her character Rue’s hoodie in the hit TV show.

The particular item of clothing became synonymous with the show across its first season, and the show’s star has now revealed that it has a particularly strong meaning to her in real life.

Speaking to Allure, Zendaya makes the link between the hoodie and her late grandfather. “When I was 11, my grandfather passed, and we had all his old clothes.


“I thought it would be cool if we made [it clear that] the hoodie was Rue’s [late] dad’s hoodie. [I wanted to capture] that attachment that you have to inanimate objects when somebody passes.”

Jules and Rue in ‘Euphoria’

The star went on to say that the hoodie has become reflective of Rue’s mood in any particular episode of the show.

“It was written in the script that Rue had this big hoodie,” she says. “You can tell when she’s having a good day or feels good because her hoodie is not covering her entirely, and then when she’s not feeling it, she’s basically hiding in this giant hoodie.”

Zendaya recently revealed how the release of Euphoria gave her “anxiety every week”.


Euphoria was eight months of my life, and now that it’s done I’m like, ‘Fuck,'” she told ELLE. “You put your shit out there, and it’s a really terrifying thing to do. It’s out for the world to see—it’s so fucking weird.”


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