Even Homer Simpson uses that gif of himself hiding in the bushes

Of course he does...

The Simpsons got all meta last night, after a new episode revealed how Homer Simpson likes to use the popular gif of himself slowly disappearing into the bushes.

The clip, taken from the 1994 episode ‘Homer Loves Flanders’, is constantly used by social media users to reflect their reaction to awkward scenarios.

But despite actually featuring in the show, it seems that even Homer isn’t averse to using it during those aforementioned moments of awkwardness.

In last night’s episode, he used the gif to reply to Lisa after asking where his phone had disappeared to.

“Lisa, I can’t find my phone,” wrote Homer.

Lisa replied “You’re texting on it”, before Homer then fired back with the famous gif.

Responding to the meta joke, one fan wrote: “Oh man. This was the best thing ever. Bravo.”

Another joked: “The singularity has been achieved.”

Meanwhile, a writer of last year asked fans how the show should eventually end – and their responses proved extremely enlightening.

Some people’s ideas focused on how no-one in Springfield appears to age – a fact the show’s own writers have had a lot of fun with in the past. Longtime showrunner Al Jean revealed their “continuous loop” idea for the show’s finale back in 2014.
The show is currently airing its 30th season.