Every ‘American Horror Story’ season coming to Disney+ this month

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning series is set to arrive in its terrifying entirety

All ten seasons of American Horror Story are set to arrive on Disney+ this month.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning show, an anthology horror series in which each season follows an individual story with a recurring cast of characters, will be available to watch on the streaming service in the UK and Ireland from April 27.

In addition to 1984 and Double Feature, which are already available on the platform, the following American Horror Story seasons are being added to Disney+:


Murder House (S1)
Asylum (S2)
Coven (S3)
Freak Show (S4)
Hotel (S5)
Roanoke (S6)
Cult (S7)
Apocalypse (S8)

Season 10 (Double Feature) also saw a guest appearance from Macauley Culkin, among others, who was praised for his performance.

Macaulay Culkin in American Horror Story
Macaulay Culkin as Mickey in ‘American Horror Story’. CREDIT: Frank Ockenfels/FX

The actor, best known for playing Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone films, appeared in Double Feature as Mickey, a drug addict and gay prostitute.

The franchise has seen several spin-offs, including the hugely successful American Crime Story, which returned to screens last year.


In a two-star review of the teen-oriented spin-off American Horror Stories, however, NME wrote: “All the teenage characters speak in ‘90s Scream-style film literate discussions about the gimmicks of horror director William Castle et al, and there’s a cute nod to Tipper Gore’s ’80s censorship campaign.

“That said, it turns into a straightforward zombie escape film with a clunky script. At times, it feels like somebody has yelled ‘exposition!’ five times in the mirror as a character pops up to deathlessly regale the plot at you.”