Every ‘Seinfeld’ episode is coming to Netflix in the US

This is the first time that every episode will be on a single service globally

Netflix has confirmed that the entire 180-episode library of Seinfeld will be coming to the platform in October 2021.

The New York-based sitcom, which was co-created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, has never been available on a single service globally until now.

Netflix broke the news via a suitably meta video announcement on social media.


“This fall, get ready for 2021’s hottest new show,” begins the trailer, before crediting “rising stars” David and Seinfeld.

News that Netflix had scooped up the rights for the show broke in 2019.

The show, which starred Seinfeld as a fictionalised version of himself, ran for nine seasons in the 1990s.

In 2020, David revealed his all-time favourite episode of the hit sitcom. Speaking during a virtual fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Texas, David opened-up about making season four episode The Contest, which follows the main characters as they hold a contest to see who can go the longest without masturbating.

“This one, I didn’t even put on the board because I didn’t want them asking,” David said. “I just wanted them to come and see the read-through. [When they did] I had worked myself up into a lather because the read-through really went great,” he said.


Meanwhile, David’s follow-up show Curb Your Enthusiasm is set to return to HBO this October, it has been confirmed.

HBO confirmed the return with a picture of a delighted David, writing: “You’re allowed to be happy, but not in front of me. #CurbYourEnthusiasm is back this October.”