Ex-Disney prankster makes cringe rap track defending himself after burning mattresses

Neighbours of the star aren't happy with his behaviour around his West Hollywood home

An ex-Disney star has released a rap track defending himself from critics after a series of stunts, including burning mattresses in an empty pool.

Social media star Jake Paul was a part of Disney’s Bizaardvark, a sitcom about two best friends who become vloggers. He was let go from the show mid-season last month with Disney executives saying in a statement they had “mutually agreed” it was time for him to leave his role.


Paul’s neighbours have made public complaints about him, taking umbrage at the crowds of screaming fans outside his West Hollywood home and behaviour like the burning of mattresses.

Now, Paul has shared a rap track called ‘YouTube Stars Diss Track’. The video opens with the words “This isn’t a diss track. It’s a message to all the news and hate.”

To every news publication tryna take me down/I’m human too,” he raps at one point. “Where was y’all at when I was on the email/Tryna stop depressed fans from killing themselves,” he follows up. “Where was y’all at when I was in the kitchen/Whipping up meals for kids on Thanksgiving.

“Wow @jakepaul is so complex and intellectual,” wrote one Twitter user. “This video is incapable of parody,” wrote another. “Andy Samberg couldn’t improve this.”

“My cringes are cringing,” said another. See more reactions below and watch the video above.