Fans celebrate 100th birthday of beloved ‘The Simpsons’ character Hans Moleman

"We all enjoyed you getting hit in the groin with a football"

The Simpsons character Hans Moleman recently turned 100 years old – scroll down for tributes from fans.

Moleman celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday (August 2), with Simpsons fans wishing the beloved character well wishes on social media.

The character first appeared in the episode ‘Principal Charming’ and was first called Ralph Melish. He was introduced as ‘Kindly Old Gent’ in an initial script where he struggled with an eye chart at the DMV.


One fan shared Moleman’s ID card on Twitter, which notes his birthday as August 2, 1921. “Hans Moleman was 66 years old when The Simpsons first aired in 1987, which is a year younger than what [creator] Matt Groening is today,” they wrote.

Others shared their love for Moleman, with one person tweeting “he doesn’t look a day over 99-and-a-half” and another adding: “Happy 100th Birthday to Hans Moeman [sic]. We all enjoyed you getting hit in the groin with football.”

“He sure has a lot in those years,” another wrote. “Mainly a lot of deaths and injuries.”

Take a look at more tributes here:


In other Simpsons news, the show has once more been credited with predicting the future, by guessing Richard Branson would go to space.

The Virgin boss embarked upon the journey in New Mexico on July 11 with five crew members, on the first flight with passengers for his Virgin Galactic space tourism company.

Following the trip, an image from a 2014 episode of The Simpsons went viral which also showed Branson in space. The episode, called The War Of Art, involved a visual gag of Branson momentarily admiring a piece of art while on his spacecraft.

The reference was initially pointed out by fan Aditya Kondawar on Twitter. “How can The Simpsons show predict every Damn thing?” he wrote.