Fans react as ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 is released on Netflix

Everyone's predictably rather excited right now...

Season 3 of Stranger Things has finally been released today on Netflix.

Following the second season from 2017, initial reviews have been almost unanimous in their praise for the new series, and now the fan verdicts are streaming in, and everyone’s pretty excited.

Currently the #2 trend on Twitter in the UK, the reaction gifs are coming out in force, and it seems people are pretty damn happy with where the show’s going.

Earlier this week, we shared exclusive new photos of a blossoming new bromance between Steve and Dustin in Season 3, and it seems that’s not all fans are excited about from the new series.

“Their voices are so deep, where have my babies gone????” one fan tweeted, while every new plotline obviously got the full meme treatment. We wouldn’t expect any less.

Speaking of the new season recently, star Finn Wolfhard said that season 3 of the show has “the fun of season one and the horror of season two”.

In other Stranger Things news, it’s also set to be the base for the latest ‘Secret Cinema’ event, coming to London in November. While everything around the event is rather mysterious so far, Secret Cinema says that the event will “introduce new storylines, characters, locations and will revisit much-loved narratives and fawned over fan moments concerning the pupils of Hawkins High School.”