‘Fear The Walking Dead’ showrunners open up about latest shock twist

Spoilers ahead!

Fear The Walking Dead show-runners have opened up about season six’s penultimate episode and its shock twist.

Speaking to Entertainment WeeklyIan Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss discussed the thinking behind Strand’s surprising decision to seemingly sacrifice Morgan in the episode, in a move which shocked viewers.

Goldberg said: “He’s been operating from a place of acknowledging that he’s going to have to do some morally grey things along the way. But in the end he believes that that’s going to be for the greater good and that’s going to help everyone.”


He added: “As Strand has gone down that path, it has been at the peril of his own soul, and we’ve seen some really morally grey things that Strand has done, including if you want to look at what he does to Morgan, it’s a little bit of an echo of what he did to Sanjay in that same episode.

“The question that Morgan asks him in this episode is, “Are you doing this for you, or are you doing this for everyone?”

Fear The Walking Dead
Is Morgan headed for a fall? CREDIT: AMC

“…[His decision] just completely backfires and does not have the result that Strand had hoped for. It actually ends up putting him in a worse position with Morgan and the rest of the group by the end of the episode.”

Chambliss added: “What makes Strand such kind of an interesting character [is] because there’s always that question mark about whether what he’s doing is really for himself or it was really for other people, because what Strand says to Morgan is, if you had gone the path that you wanted to through that array chamber, you think you would’ve gotten here, but we don’t know that.

“Strand tells Morgan he did what he thought was the smartest thing, even if that meant turning Morgan into a walker.”


In a recap of the episode, NME wrote: “As he’s skipped death countless times, Morgan feels like the character with the biggest target on his back.

“Regardless, the finale looks destined to make a splash no matter the outcome. We’ll just have to hope the show’s writing quality flips in our favour for the final hour.”

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