Final two ‘Breaking Bad’ episodes will be longer than normal

Intense drugs drama starring Bryan Cranston is set to reach its conclusion on September 29

The last two episodes of Breaking Bad will be slightly longer than usual.

Penultimate episode ‘Granite State’ is set to premiere on US network AMC on September 22, followed by the show’s finale ‘Felina’ on September 29. UK viewers are able to watch on Netflix, where each episode is being made available soon after it finishes in the US.

The show’s producer Peter Gould used Twitter yesterday (September 19) to confirm the episodes’ extended running time.

Breaking Bad episodes tend to last around 45 minutes without adverts, which suggests these slightly longer episodes will clock in around the 60-minute mark.

Meanwhile, the Breaking Bad spin-off series that Gould has been planning with the show’s creator Vince Gilligan is now officially in the works. The spin-off will centre on Saul Goodman, the dodgy lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk who is known for his catchphrase “Better call Saul!”