First trailer and release date confirmed for ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ season 2

Count Olaf is back...

The first trailer has been released for the second season of Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, along with official confirmation of when it’ll be arriving on the streaming service.

After debuting in 2017, Netflix has revealed that the second helping of the Lemony Snicket adaptation will be released on March 30, and the first trailer has promised that there’s plenty more unpleasantness on the way.

In the brief clip, Neil Patrick Harris’ Count Olaf is seen wielding a machete as he delivers a cryptic look at the forthcoming misery of the Baudelaire siblings.

“I’m so sorry to disturb your recovery, but it’s time for us to get this New Year’s Day binge started — but those are the same people who wouldn’t recognize handsome if it set your house on fire. So dive on in, distract yourself with this first look at season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events”, he states in the trailer.

The trailer then provides a brief look at what’s next – including one ominous scene where the siblings are threatened by a group of pitchfork wielding villagers.

The first look trailer comes after Netflix released a batch of photographs from the new season.

The new images show such characters as the Baudelaire orphans meeting Carmelita Spats (played by Kitana Turnbull), while Harris’ Count Olaf is also seen in his latest guise as European auctioneer Günther.

Season Two  of A Series of Unfortunate Events will begin by adapting Snicket’s The Austere Academy, which was the fifth book in the original series. The TV season will follow events right up to the ninth novel, The Carnivorous Carnival.