Flight Of The Conchords start work on movie

Jemaine Clement confirms news in new interview

New Zealand-based comedy duo Flight Of The Conchords have confirmed that they’ve started writing a spin-off film.

The pair – consisting of musicians/actors Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie – have long been rumoured to be working on a full-length movie, following their successful BBC radio series and HBO show.

Speaking in a new interview with Indiewire, Clement revealed: “We have actually started writing [a film].”

However, he added that the project is still in the early stages: “Who knows if it will ever be made, we’ve written some notes for some different film ideas. We’re not down to the stage where we’re going, ‘The film is going to be like this,’ it could be this, this, this, this, this.”

McKenzie had previously been reported to be writing a ‘Labyrinth’-style musical comedy film, while he said in 2011: “We’re going to try and do a movie. We just need a story.”

Earlier this year, Clement revealed that the pair will reunite for a tour during 2015.

“We are hoping to announce a tour,” he told Consequence Of Sound. “We’ll announce it before the end of the year, hopefully, and then sometime next year get on the road… after we get some new guitar strings and that sort of thing.”

The second season of Flight Of The Conchords was aired on HBO in 2009. Though the band toured in 2013, details of a third season or definite future project have yet to emerge.