Footballer Jason Lee says he never received an apology from Baddiel and Skinner over offensive sketches

The footballer was targeted in the pair's comedy sketches in the 1990s

Former Nottingham Forest footballer Jason Lee has said he never received an apology from comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, who made fun of his hairstyle in the 1990s.

The double act hosted Fantasy Football League from 1994 to 1996, in which they used a pineapple to mock Lee’s hairstyle.

“Baddiel and Skinner: did they realise the impact of what they were saying, how it affected so many people?” Lee told PA.


“Especially a hairstyle, you’re talking about ethnicity, a lot of black people would wear dreadlocks and feel deeply offended by someone who’s getting mocked for a similar hairstyle. The implications were far wider, and it wouldn’t happen today.”

Lee received suffered verbal abuse at the time, with fans leading chants at matches that drew on Baddiel and Skinner’s sketches.

“You see [Crystal Palace’s Wilfried] Zaha playing today, and others with similar hairstyles, it couldn’t happen today,” Lee added.

The former footballer said there had been no direct attempt at an apology from the comedians: “I never received an apology from Baddiel and Skinner.”

Baddiel has since taken to social media to apologise for his past jokes.


“It wasn’t like I was looking for one, but I’ve never met them in person. If I met them in person, it’s a conversation we would have. I’ve never been mentally weak or physically weak, so would you stand in front of me and mock me? I think you wouldn’t.”

On whether he would accept an apology today, Jason Lee said: “It’s never too late. I think that would be good for maybe my children to hear that, and it would show them that in today’s day and age people maybe are more remorseful, and people are having to look at how they act.”