Forensic expert claims Drogon may have eaten Daenerys Targaryen in ‘Game of Thrones’ finale


It’s possible that Daenerys Targaryen was gobbled up by her dragon, Drogon, at the end of Game of Thrones.

That’s according to a forensic expert from University College London who claims that Dany’s last surviving dragon could have eaten her after carrying her away from King’s Landing where she met her end.

Dr. Carolyn Rando, a forensic anthropologist at the university’s Institute of Archaeology, told The Huffington Post UK that viewers shouldn’t discount the idea.


“Might he eat her? Possibly, yes,” she said in the interview. “I don’t think we can discount that he was going off to eat her.”

Dr Rando continued to explain that pets eating their dead owners “probably happens more than we think”.

“When you look at the case studies, it’s very specific conditions,” Rando said. “So someone lived alone, not a lot of friends came by the house, they died of natural causes, the pets couldn’t get out of the house. There’s no food in the house. Those types of things.”

“There’s one case where they consumed the entire body of their owner, which is not very common,” she added.  “What it looks like when you look at the house and the pictures is that they ate as much of the dog food in the other room as possible first, and then eventually went on.”

Additionally, Dr Rando talks about “attention-getting behaviours” that pets conduct shortly after losing their owner. These behaviours include licking or pawing – and Drogon approached Dany very lovingly as she lay dead from the knife wound.

“It tends to lick, and there’s a lot of blood and then eating might happen, but more out of just stress or something like that,” Dr Randon said.


In other Game of Thrones news, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has revealed to NME his thoughts about the final season.

Brooker said that the writing style of George R. R. Martin, the author of the books on which the television show is based, made it difficult to wrap up the show neatly.

“There was a thread I saw that summed up the difference between a seat-of-the-pants writer and a plotter, and George RR Martin is a seat-of-the-pants writer, creating complicated characters and scenarios and it’s hard to bring those stories to a resolution, hence why the books are slowing down in frequency,” said Brooker.

He added that he still thought the producers did a “good job” of wrapping up the show’s ending, with the detail in some of the final scenes resembling those in earlier seasons.

“I think there was a scene right near the end with the rearranging of the chairs stuff, that really reminded me of early episodes and was really enjoyable to watch. So overall, with the situation they were in, they did a good job.”

A Game of Thrones prequel is also in the early stages of production in Belfast.

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