Former ‘Top Gear’ presenter responds to Chris Evans’ ‘Zippy, Bungle and George’ jibe

James May says 'a bit of good-natured sparring is great for everybody'

Former Top Gear presenter James May has responded to a recent jibe from the show’s new host Chris Evans, who labelled May and his co-presenters “Zippy, Bungle and George”.

As Evans shoots the new series of Top Gear, May is working on a brand new rival car show for Amazon Prime with Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans.

“That’s quite good actually. Zippy? That’s Hammond. Is Bungle nice? I’ll be Bungle. Jeremy is George. A bit of good-natured sparring is great for everybody,” May told The Guardian.

Asked for his thoughts on Top Gear returning in May, before the Amazon Prime car show begins, May replied: “We are doing it carefully, it will be ready when it’s ready. For once, we are not in a race.”

Earlier this month (March) Evans was forced to apologise after a Top Gear stunt was filmed near London war memorial The Cenotaph. His co-host Matt LeBlanc was widely criticised for doing “doughnuts” in close proximity to the famed monument.

“That was probably a little bit ill-judged,” May said of the stunt, before adding: “I have driven up and down that road, yes, but no, I don’t do doughnuts. It’s inappropriate wherever you do it in my view. It was possibly a little unwise, ill-advised.”