Fox is trying to trademark ‘OK Boomer’ – and wants to name a TV show after the phrase

The phrase has gone viral among millennials recently

US TV network Fox has filed a trademark application for the viral phrase ‘OK Boomer’.

The phrase, used by millennials, pokes fun at the baby boomer generation, suggesting they’re out of touch.

‘OK Boomer’ first appeared on TikTok, but has since become a viral meme across a host of social networks, and merchandise has been created with the phrase emblazoned on it.


Now, as pointed out by trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, Fox filed the trademark application on November 11, with the intention of “launch[ing] a reality, comedy and/or game show called OK BOOMER.”

According to the filing, Fox wants to use the phrase ‘OK Boomer’ in “entertainment services, namely, an on-going television series featuring reality competition, comedy, and game shows.”

Speaking to CNN about the likelihood of the trademark being passed, Gerben says: “In all likelihood, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) will deny all of these applications because OK BOOMER has become a ‘widely used message’.”

He continued: “A trademark registration will not issue in a phrase that is commonly used to convey a social or political message. This is because such a ‘viral’ phrase is incapable of identifying the source of a product or service — which is what trademarks must do to be capable of registration.”