‘Fresh Prince’ star loses copyright claim over Carlton dance

Alfonso Ribeiro filed lawsuits against two video game creators for using the dance

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro has been denied copyright for the “Carlton dance”.

The moves were performed by Ribeiro in the role of Carlton on the hit TV show and include him shaking his hips while simultaneously swinging his arms and clicking his fingers.

The routine has since appeared in the video games NBA 2K16 and Fortnite. Ribeiro has filed lawsuits against the creators behind both games.

The US Copyright Office has now made a motion to dismiss the suit against the creators of NBA 2K16, according to the Independent. A document denying the copyright claim said the moves that made up the dance were a simple routine, not a choreography.

A hearing for the motion to dismiss is now scheduled for March 18. The lawsuit against Fortnite creators Epic Games is ongoing.

Last year, Will Smith’s son Jaden called himself the “new Carlton” and said he could recreate an episode of his dad’s show one day.

“No one really wants to see that,” he said of a full reboot. “And if they did, I would [make it]. But they don’t. And as much as they convince themselves, people make it very clear they want it and then counterculture makes it clear that they don’t.”

Earlier this month, one fan made an emotional mash-up of a monologue from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and music from Twin Peaks.