‘Friday Night Dinner’ creator confirms show will end with anniversary special

"I didn't want to do a series where they had kids and babies, and Jim would have seven dogs"

Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper has confirmed there will be no new episodes of the show after the anniversary special.

Discussing the end of season six and the forthcoming 10-year celebration of the show, Popper discussed why he felt the last episode of season six rounded off the show perfectly.

Fans had speculated about the show’s future following the recent death of Paul Ritter, who played Dad Martin Goodman on the show. Popper has now confirmed there were no plans to take the story further.


When asked by LadBible if he had always planned to end the show with season six before he began writing it, Popper replied: “It wasn’t, actually. I never really know until I start.

“I have all my ideas and I have my board up on a wall, but I never really know, until I start an episode, what it’s going to be about.

“But I did think half-way through it would be great if they both brought girls round, and then I thought that one of them was pregnant and then, ‘Oh, what happens if they’re both pregnant?’ So I thought that was good.”

Friday Night Dinner
Friday Night Dinner (Credit: Mark Johnson/©Channel 4 Television / Alamy)

Explaining why the show would not be continuing with a new storyline, Popper went on: “I was thinking this will be the end, because I didn’t want to do a series where they had kids and babies, and Jim would have seven dogs, also, like, the world’s weirdest dog that you couldn’t find seven of.”

Channel 4 confirmed earlier this month that Friday Night Dinner: 10 Years And a Lovely Bit of Squirrel will air on May 28.


The one-off documentary will follow three back-to-back episodes, voted as favourites in the series by viewers.

The special will reminisce on some of the show’s funniest episodes, and will also feature new behind-the-scenes material and interviews.

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