These new viewers of Friends aren’t sure about the ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobic’ humour

Some say the show hasn't aged well

The ‘90s TV sitcom Friends is being criticised by new viewers after it started streaming on Netflix earlier this month.

The newfound availability of the show has introduced a younger audience to the Manhattan flatmates – Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel.

However, many have pointed out that several of the sitcom’s jokes centre around the homosexuality of Ross’s ex-wife, and Chandler’s fears that he will be mistaken for a gay man.


In addition, viewers have noticed the lack of racial diversity in the series, with its focus on five white characters.

Joey’s behaviour towards women and the repeated references to “fat Monica” have also been challenged.


However, older fans of the show have been quick to defend the script as reflective of an earlier era that should not be compared to the current day.

Some have even compared the criticism to that of the Warner Bros. racism warning that plays before old cartoons, including Tom and Jerry.

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Criticism of the show’s humour is the latest question to be raised around Friends since it started streaming on Netflix earlier this year.


Several new viewers raised questions about how the New Yorkers, some of whom survive on a low wage, could afford such large apartments and whether or not Ross and Rachel really were on a break. 

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