David Schwimmer dismisses complaints that ‘Friends’ was transphobic, sexist and racist

"I don't care"

Friends star David Schwimmer has responded to claims that the show was transphobic, sexist and racist.

While the sitcom remains ever popular, many people have claimed that the show has dated — particularly with regards to certain storylines and characters.

For example, in one storyline Chandler (Matthew Perry) worries about being perceived as gay, while many have noted the small number of non-white characters.


The cast of ‘Friends’. Credit: Getty

However, in a new interview with The Guardian, Schwimmer was dismissive of these concerns, saying “I don’t care”.

“The truth is also that show was groundbreaking in its time for the way in which it handled so casually sex, protected sex, gay marriage and relationships”, he said. “The pilot of the show was my character’s wife left him for a woman and there was a gay wedding, of my ex and her wife, that I attended.

“I feel that a lot of the problem today in so many areas is that so little is taken in context. You have to look at it from the point of view of what the show was trying to do at the time.”

Schwimmer added: “I’m the first person to say that maybe something was inappropriate or insensitive, but I feel like my barometer was pretty good at that time. I was already really attuned to social issues and issues of equality.”


Last year, Schwimmer poked fun at Friends‘ lack of diversity while presenting an award at the TV BAFTAs.

Meanwhile, a Friends reunion has been put into doubt over financial disagreements, and the show’s co-creator Martha Kauffman has admitted that she “doesn’t know” whether it will happen.