‘Friends’ fan spots Monica ‘quantum leap’ across room in scene gaffe

The Redditors are at it again...

An eagle-eyed Friends fan has spotted a blunder that sees Monica Geller jump across a scene at high speed.

Since its arrival on Netflix and becoming the UK’s most-streamed show, new viewers have clocked a number of mishaps in the hit ’90s sitcom which were missed the first time around.

In a recent Reddit post, one fan has pointed out a seemingly impossible move – labelled as ‘Monica’s quantum leap’. The clip sees the youngest Geller sibling transport herself from the kitchen table in the iconic apartment over to the door in a millisecond.


You can see the moment here.

In other Friends news, binge-watchers were recently disappointed to learn that the show will be removed from Netflix in 2020.

In a press release, Warner said that all 236 Friends episodes will only stream on the new HBO Max platform following its launch next year.

At present, it’s unclear whether Friends‘ departure will be limited to North America, or whether the show’s legions of international fans will be affected too.

Confirming the bad news, Netflix wrote on their official Twitter account: “The One Where We Have To Say Goodbye.”

Meanwhile, co-creator Marta Kauffman has once again spoken out on ongoing calls for a Friends reunion. When asked about a return for the New York gang last month, she simply replied: “nope”.


“Why mess up a good thing?” she reasoned.



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