Viral trailer video sparks ‘Friends’ reunion movie speculation

However, it was only a hoax

A viral trailer sparked speculated at the weekend that there could be a Friends reunion movie. However, it was all just a hoax.

The video was created by YouTube channel Smasher, which specialise in “concept” trailer for hypothetical films.

The clip neatly spliced together footage of the cast’s acting exploits since leaving the show, creating a plot that involved Monica and Chandler divorcing, Rachel getting a job as a therapist and Joey now being an award-winning actor.


It went on to tease that “after years apart” the Friends cast would “reunite” for a movie that was “coming soon”. Watch below.

Needless to say, many fans were fooled by the hoax:

And just as many were disappointed to eventually find out the truth:


Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends, has previously said that there will never been a reunion movie.

“There will never be a Friends reunion movie,” she said in 2016. “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.”

Recently, Friends was criticised by new viewers who found the show to be “sexist”, “homophobic” and “problematic”.

Criticism of the show’s humour comes after the show started streaming on Netflix earlier this year.