‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston reveals frustration over pay gap on iconic sitcom

"Even back on Friends, it wasn't so much about women being paid the same as men."

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed how she was left frustrated over pay gaps on the iconic sitcom.

The actress, who was paid an estimated $1 million per episode for the show’s final season, says she was left uncomfortable when it emerged that she was being paid considerably more than some of her co-stars.

“I’m aware that I have had a pretty easy time in terms of my experience in the business,” she told Radio Times. “But even back on Friends, it wasn’t so much about women being paid the same as men – some of the women were being paid more.


“It was more about, ‘We’re doing equal work and we all deserve to be compensated in the same way.’ I wouldn’t feel good going to work knowing someone was getting x amount and I was getting something greater.”

Friends cast
The cast of ‘Friends’

It comes after the star recently joined Instagram, staging a Friends reunion with her fellow sitcom castmates as her first photo.

However, it seems as unlikely as ever that a Friends reunion will ever take place.

“Our producers wouldn’t want it, wouldn’t let us,” she explained. “Look, it’s not been without our desire to, because our fans have wanted it so much.

“I mean, we haven’t all sat in a room,” she said of all six cast members being involved in a potential reboot.


“But would we have loved to have done something together? Yeah. It would have been fun. We could have redesigned it for a couple episodes.”

She also recently staged a mini-reunion with Reese Witherspoon – who played Rachel Green’s sister Jill in several episodes.