Full cast of ‘Arrested Development’ confirmed to return for new series and film

Writer Dean Lorey confirms that work has begun on the new season and that everyone is onboard

The new series of Arrested Development will feature the show’s full original cast, writer Dean Lorey has confirmed.

It was confirmed late last year that the cult comedy show would be returning for both another run on television and a big screen adaptation, but there were some doubts over which members of the cast would return.

However, writing on his blog Deanlorey.com, the writer confirmed that the original cast would be returning and that the show was currently being written. He also said that the show would premiere on Netflix sometime next year.

He wrote under the title of ‘Arrested Development: New Season’: “We’re really doing this thing. Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely and I are off writing the new season of Arrested Development to premiere on Netflix in 2013. The original cast is back. There are offices and parking spaces. We’re shooting this year. I wish I could give more specifics but, for the moment, even the schedule is being kept under wraps. But it’s happening and it’s great to be back with my pals from the show. More later as it becomes okay to release further details.”

Arrested Development was originally broadcast on US network Fox between 2003-06 and starred Jason Bateman and Michael Cera. Despite being critically acclaimed and winning six Emmy awards and one Golden Globe, the show was dropped after three seasons because of low ratings.