‘Fun House’ with Pat Sharp could be coming back

The '90s ITV kids' game show could follow 'The Crystal Maze''s return

ITV ’90s kids’ game show Fun House could return, according to former host Pat Sharp.

The presenter appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning (July 13), who were holding a #ThrowbackThursday special, alongside twins Melanie and Martina who were also a part of the show.

Speaking to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, Sharp said to get the programme “back on telly would be great”.


He also discussed the current crowdfunding project to help create a live experience of the show, similar to the one The Crystal Maze launched in 2016.

“We thought we’d now make a live adult attraction for people who wanted to always be on the kids’ show, but never could because there were only a few people on there,” Sharp said. “Now you can go along and you guys can play.”

As Digital Spy reports, the crowdfunding page on Indiegogo has raised £50,ooo of the targeted £650,000.

Sharp said: “We thought it might be tricky, but we’ve got a fair amount of money already – people seem keen on it and we’re hoping that it will go all the way.”

He also added that those taking part in the live experience would be able to drive the go karts as seen in the TV show, while afterwards there would a DJ and the opportunity to have a drink.


The CITV show aired between 1989 and 1999 and saw young contestants attempting to navigate a series of challenges in the titular fun house.

Backers on the crowdfunding page can have Sharp host their game alongside the Fun House twins if they donate £2000.

Meanwhile, The Crystal Maze has returned for a new series with new Maze Master Richard Ayoade at the helm. Currently, the episodes feature celebrity teams, but civilian teams will feature in forthcoming shows.

Over 30,000 people applied to take part, with only 15 teams making it through to the filming stages.