Game of Thrones: Actor Art Parkinson discusses Rickon Stark’s surprising return to our screens

We last saw the youngest of the Stark children in season three

Rickon Stark is “a very new, feral” addition to Game of Thrones, according to the actor who plays him, Art Parkinson.

Last seen three seasons ago, one of the youngest characters on the international smash hit fantasy show made a surprise return during the third episode of the sixth season, which was broadcast in the UK on Monday night. Unusually, the actor who played him as a younger child has not been recast, stunning audiences when he was revealed at the end of the episode, entitled ‘Oathbreaker’.

“After the death of his father, I think he became very independent and very angry,” Parkinson told the Hollywood Reporter. “I think Rickon is a little bit more mature now. He’s been away for quite a long time at this point. I think he’s a bit more independent and stronger-willed.”


Rickon returned to the series alongside another fan-favourite character, Osha, who is played by Natalia Tena, whom Parkinson says is “brilliant”.

He said: “She’s always been very lovely and helped me in many ways to get into the mind-set of the character. She’s a very intense actress. Whenever she’s in character, it’s hard to look at her out of character. It’s very easy to work off of her. She really helps you.”

He remained tight-lipped about his character’s future, however, saying: “I’m not too sure how much you’ll find out about Rickon and where he’s been, but it will definitely be a cool storyline and something that’s going to be very interesting to see.”