‘Game Of Thrones’ actor joins Asda as delivery driver

"Every single person has a role to play in these times."

Game of Thrones actor Michael Condron has revealed he has taken on a job with Asda as a delivery driver during the coronavirus pandemic.

The star played Lord Steward of the Night’s Watch Bowen Marsh on the HBO series between 2015 and 2016, and has explained that he decided to sign-up to work for the supermarket in Northern Ireland.

“Every single person has a role to play in these times,” he said (via Belfast Live). “People now should really appreciate the hard work that everybody does – I think people who work in supermarkets have often been taken for granted.’


“A friend of mine said Asda were looking for people to work there so I got in touch,” Condron said. “I came down, got a job and I absolutely love it. The job means I can continue to have that interaction with people like I get in a theatre. It’s kept me mentally in a good place and it continues to do so.

The star admitted he had been having a “brilliant time meeting people”, and that he had been doing 17 to 18 calls a day.

Condron also revealed that some customers had recognised him from Game of Thrones, recalling them asking: “Aren’t you that guy off the telly?

“And through my experiences working with Asda I think I can write a play! I’ve managed to find many, many characters. All of them fantastic!”


He has considered keeping up the role on a part-time basis after the crisis ends too, adding: “It’s definitely something I would be keen on doing. It’s really good for me. It’s very physical work and it’s keeping me really fit too.”

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