‘Game Of Thrones’ actor takes part in ‘hold the door’ joke video

Fans have been modifying lifts and door stops since the airing of the show's most recent episode

Game Of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn has taken part in a video that pokes fun at his character Hodor’s eventual demise.

In season six, episode five, it was revealed that he had been shown a premonition of his death where he was killed while he held a door closed.

Since the episode aired, fans have been modifying lifts and door stops with pictures of the character and his name.

Now, Nairn has taken part in a joke video that makes light of the situation. He is seen in the doorway of a lift as someone shouts “hold the door” at him repeatedly.

Watch the video in full below, via Unilad.

The episode in which Hodor’s fate is revealed has been ranked as the third best of all-time by fans online.

It currently has a 9.8 user rating on IMDB.com after 15,903 votes (correct at the time of publishing). It’s beaten by only season three episode nine (‘The Rains of Castamere’) and season five episode eight (‘Hardhome’).