‘Game of Thrones’ director Neil Marshall says finale backlash was “unavoidable”

"I don't necessarily think the backlash was justified."

Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall has said that the backlash to the fantasy show’s finale was “unavoidable”.

The hit HBO fantasy series came to an end back in May, splitting fans’ opinion with a controversial final instalment. More than one million fans signed a petition for it to be re-made, and a number of Thrones stars subsequently aired their thoughts on the response, with actor Alfie Allen recently saying that he was “pissed off” by the online backlash.

But Marshall, who directed the pivotal episodes Blackwater and The Watchers on The Wall, believes that the show’s huge global following meant that a backlash was inevitable.


“I don’t necessarily think the backlash was justified, but it was unavoidable,” Marshall told NME.

“You were never going to be able to please everybody, and when you’ve got fans as loyal as dedicated as those fans are, we’re talking millions of people with opinions globally. I think they did an amazing job and endings are always tricky? How do you end these stories. You’ve got to end them somewhere, but how do you do it?

“I for one wouldn’t fault them. It was an unbelievable achievement and ten years of their lives that they’ve devoted to it.”

Game of Thrones Bran Stark
Bran Stark ended up on the Iron Throne in ‘Game Of Thrones’

As for the show’s ending, which saw Bran Stark ascending to the Iron Throne, Marshall believes that it was a logical conclusion to events.

“My feeling is that everyone ended up exactly where they were supposed to end up. I think it’s a huge story, but it resolved itself in the way it was meant to.”


The Dog Soldiers director also admitted he’d consider a return to the world of Westeros for the forthcoming Thrones prequel too.

“If asked, I would definitely consider it. It’s a great world to work in. I’d love to go back to Belfast and work with the amazing cast and crew. It was an amazing creative environment and if the team have managed to create that magic, then I’d go back for that alone.”

Marshall was speaking to NME to promote Kraken Screamfest: Director’s Cut, the immersive horror experience he’s directed in London just in time for Halloween.

Taking place from October 31 – November 1, it will see Marshall conjuring up real life scares, having previously terrified audiences with horror classics such as The Descent.

Describing what to expect, he said: “It’s a challenge to do something new, but within worlds I know – which is the horror world and scaring the shit out of people. It’s a fresh challenge and it’s like setting up a movie without the cameras.

“We’ve found the perfect location for it, which looks like it was built just for us. It looks like a serial killer’s basement.”

Kraken Screamfest: Director’s Cut will take place from Thursday, October 31 to Friday, November 1, at 2083 Acton Mews, Haggerston, London E8 4DG.