‘Game Of Thrones” Emilia Clarke defends Daenerys’ response to Jon Snow’s revelation

The second instalment of season 8, 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms', aired on Sunday

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has spoken out to defend her character Daenerys Targaryen’s reaction to Jon Snow’s big revelation in the show’s latest dramatic episode.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 are posted below

In the latest episode of the HBO show’s eighth and final season, ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’, Jon (who is played by Kit Harington) told Daenerys the truth about his parentage and revealed that the two of them are, in fact, closely related. This information about his heritage also means that Jon has a claim to the Iron Throne, which Daenerys also has her eyes on.

Daenerys responded by questioning the true validity of Jon’s information, before suggesting that it could lead to a future conflict between the two close characters.


Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

Clarke has now spoken in defence of Daenerys’ response, telling EW that “the related thing, to her, is so normal”.

“She could have easily married her brother. It’s not a thing,” she said. “It’s a thing for Jon, but let’s just forget about that. The main thing is we’re up for the same promotion and I’ve been working for it for my entire existence.

“This is [Daenerys’] whole existence: since birth!” she continued. “Dany literally was brought into this world going: RUN! These fuckers [in Westeros] have fucked everything up. Now it’s, ‘You’re our only hope.’

“There’s so much she’s taken on in her duty in life to rectify. There’s so much she’s seen and witnessed and been through and lost and suffered and hurt to get here… and Jon doesn’t even want it!”


This latest episode of Game of Thrones also saw the premiere of a new Florence + The Machine song titled ‘Jenny of Oldstones’.