‘Game Of Thrones’ Facebook strategy game announced

New title will take players deep into world of Westeros

A new Game Of Thrones strategy game has been announced for Facebook.

The new title will sit alongside the acclaimed HBO fantasy saga and the George RR Martin novels on which it is based. Game Of Thrones Ascent will see players lead the life of a noble, swearing allegiances to houses during a time of conflict in the world of Westeros.

It will combine strategy with story, asking players to secure holdings, increase lands and send swords into battle. Developers Disruptor Beam plan to launch a beta testing programme before the game’s launch.


Disruptor Beam’s Jon Radoff said: “Everyone at Disruptor Beam was a huge fan of Game Of Thrones long before we began working on the game, so we recognise that other fans expect character-driven conflict and intrigue to take centre stage in our new game. Westeros is the perfect setting to deliver on our vision of weaving stories through decisions and social interactions.”

He continued: “Game Of Thrones Ascent will bring the world of Westeros to the over 500 million social game players in the market today, featuring original artwork in a highly engaging game experience that is, most importantly, fun for fans and their friends!”

A Game Of Thrones title for XBox, PS3 and PC will be released in the UK next month, having already launched in the US.