‘Game of Thrones’ fan theory claims Arya Stark was told to kill The Night King from the very start

It's got everything to do with Braavosi Syrio Forel

Game of Thrones fans are convinced that the first season holds a vital clue which hints that Arya Stark was going to kill the Night King.

The final season saw the shocking moment when Arya plunged her sword into the show’s main villain during the Battle of Winterfell, destroying his army of the dead in the process.

But Reddit users say that they have pinpointed the moment when it became clear that Arya was determined to kill the Night King.


As the new theory explains, Arya was determined to become a swordsman since the show’s very first episode aired in 2011. After landing in King’s Landing, Braavosi Syrio Forel was subsequently chosen by Ned Stark to teach Arya how to become proficient with the blade.

Arya Stark in season 8 episode 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’

Fans say that it was during this formative period that Arya learnt she would eventually have to face off against the Night King in order to save Westeros. According to one theory, the Faceless Men used Syrio Forel to recruit Arya and then trained her so she effectively became their “weapon” to defeat the Night King.

The theory also states that Arya trained in Braavos with the Faceless Men, and it was during this time that she prepared for her pivotal role.

“Let’s say that Arya was relentlessly recruited by the Faceless Men because they knew with their collective hive-minds that she’d be the one to eventually kill the Night King and end the long night,” the theory states.


After the training, it’s claimed that the Faceless Men stayed with Arya until her arrival at the House of Black and White.

But not everyone was so convinced. One user said: “I don’t think that the Faceless ever intended for Arya to become one of them. I think that they had a contract for the Night King and Arya was just their weapon of choice.”

Meanwhile, a Game of Thrones prequel is currently in production.