‘Game of Thrones’ fan theory suggesting that The Night King turned Bran evil is getting more support

Could it be?

A new Game of Thrones fan theory has speculated that Bran Stark is actually evil, and he’s responsible for Dany’s decision to burn down King’s Landing – and the rumour is gathering increasing pace online now.

In the last episode, fans watched on in horror as Daenyrys went full Mad Queen – jumping atop Drogon and proceeding to burn the Westerosi capital to the ground.

The new theory is a continuation of the idea that Bran has been evil since supposedly coming into contact with the Night King, as the below tweet explains.


Fully aware of Bran’s abilities as the Three Eyed Raven, it’s claimed that the Night King may have used them to his advantage. According to some Redditors, Bran may have warged into Drogon – and personally decided to burn King’s Landing to the ground.

The theory states: “When the bells rang and we see the last closeup of Dany, I thought the expression looked like a mixture of relief and frustration. Like she was thinking that the war was over but Cersei rang the bells to save her own neck. Dany was going to fly to the Red Keep to deal with Cersei for the still-fresh Missandei death. She wouldn’t need to fly anywhere to start torching random people and buildings.

As you can see from the tweets below, more fans of the show are now subscribing to the theory:




“Another thing that has been bothering me: who rang the bells? Tyrion told Jaime to get Cersei to ring the bells…but Jaime didn’t do that. Cersei didn’t give the order to ring the bells, nor did Qyburn. The scared soldiers were all frozen in place. They weren’t retreating. The townspeople were standing around or hiding. But Bran would have time to warg into/control someone to ring the bells, then warg into Drogon to start the attack.”

This comes after another fan theory claimed that the prophecy of Azor Ahai could hold the answer to who will take the Iron Throne. Ahead of the show’s finale on Sunday, a petition for HBO to remake it has reached 455,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Hoult recently revealed that he auditioned for the part of Jon Snow in the show.