‘Game Of Thrones’: George RR Martin explains what happens to Hodor in upcoming book

The author has written a very different future in his upcoming books

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has explained how the fate of Hodor will change in his upcoming books.

The character, who died in season six episode ‘The Door’ of the HBO show, is set to be given a different future in Martin’s forthcoming novels.

“I thought they executed it very well, but there are going to be differences in the book,” Martin told Entertainment Weekly editor James Hibberd in his new book Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon.


“They did it very physical — ‘hold the door’ with Hodor’s strength. In the book, Hodor has stolen one of the old swords from the crypt. Bran has been warging into Hodor and practicing with his body, because Bran had been trained in swordplay.”

He continued: “So telling Hodor to ‘hold the door’ is more like ‘hold this pass’ — defend it when enemies are coming — and Hodor is fighting and killing them. A little different, but same idea.”

Game of Thrones Hodor
(Credit: HBO)

Earlier this year, George R.R. Martin said he is planning on releasing Winds of Winter in 2021.

In a blog post on his website, the writer said he had spent “long hours” writing during the coronavirus lockdown.

“If nothing else, the enforced isolation has helped me write,” Martin said. “I am spending long hours every day on The Winds of Winter, and making steady progress.


“I finished a new chapter yesterday, another one three days ago, another one the previous week. But no, this does not mean that the book will be finished tomorrow or published next week. It’s going to be a huge book, and I still have a long way to go.”

He added: “I have bad days, which get me down, and good days, which lift me up, but all in all I am pleased with the way things are going.”

The Winds of Winter is set to be the sixth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, with A Dream of Spring to follow.