‘Game Of Thrones’: Liam Cunningham rejected Davos romance with Missandei

“You’re not undoing my hard work engendering the sympathy of the audience to have him be a perv"

Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham has said he refused to let Ser Davos Seaworth have a crush on Missandei of Naath.

The actor said he shot down the showrunners’ idea to have any kind of romantic involvement between his character and that of Nathalie Emmanuel. Cunningham would have been 56 years old, and Emmanuel 28.

Discussing the showrunners David Benioff and Db Weiss’ intentions in new book Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon, Cunningham said: “There’s a streak in Benioff that’s willful. He likes to stir the shit.


“When we first meet Daenerys, Benioff and [director Mark Mylod] wanted Davos to have a crush on Missandei. And I fought them. I’m not fucking doing it. It’s the only thing I ever stood up to them on. The woman is a goddess, but with Davos’ history with Lyanna Mormont and Shireen, you can’t have him getting the hots for a young woman.”

Cunningham said he also told the showrunnners: “You’re not undoing my hard work engendering the sympathy of the audience to have him be a perv.”

Recently discussing their experience on the show, Benioff and Weiss said there might be a number of things they would change.

“There definitely are things [over the course of the show] we would do differently,” Benioff said in the same book. “I don’t know if there’s anything I would want to discuss publicly.”

Weiss added: “Prince once said something about how any record you listen to that you think is terrible, somebody worked themselves to the bone to make it.


“So many people work so hard on any aspect of a thing. So when you say something critical it can sound like you’re blaming somebody else. And really the only people who are to blame are us – and I sure as hell don’t want to blame us.”