‘Game Of Thrones’ looks set to finish in 2018

Next season will only have seven episodes, leading to end date speculation.

Game Of Thrones looks like it will end in 2018, after it was revealed the next season of the show will only have seven episodes.

The current sixth season being shown on Sky Atlantic has 13 episodes, which is standard for the show and for most US TV dramas.

However, Game Of Thrones director Jack Bender has revealed that the next season will have half the current number of episodes. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Bender said: “They’re only doing seven episodes.”

Bender added that he wouldn’t be directing any episodes for the next season, as producers are using more established Game Of Thrones directors “Who have been doing it forever”. Instead, Bender will direct a new TV series based on the Stephen King novel Mr Mercedes.

It has become a recent tradition in US drama for the final series of a show to be split in two over two years, with the first seven episodes to be followed by a further batch of six episodes the following year. This was begun with the final season of The Sopranos in 2006-7 and has since been copied by the likes of Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Seven seasons is also roughly the standard run for a US TV drama. The current season of Game Of Thrones has also revealed more significant details about plot arcs than the show usually tells viewers.