‘Game of Thrones’: Could this be the meaning behind Arya Stark’s white horse?

It looks to foreshadow Daenerys Targaryen's fate

Warning: major spoilers for Game of Thrones below

Fans believe they’ve sussed out the meaning behind the white horse carrying Arya Stark off into the distance at the end of the latest Game of Thrones episode (aired May 13).

In the last scene of ‘The Bells’the divisive penultimate episode of the hit HBO fantasy epic – Arya finds a horse in the middle of a destroyed street at King’s Landing.


The youngest Stark sister has survived Daenerys Targaryen’s ‘mad queen’ turn, which saw Khaleesi burn the city to the ground using her fire-breathing dragon, and is looking for a way out of the ruins. A pale horse covered in ash and blood appears, and a mesmerised Arya rides it off into the distance.

Game Of Thrones
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in ‘Game Of Thrones’

Now, fans of the show have proffered a theory that Arya is Death. Why? Well, it stems from the Bible story about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and specifically how Death rides an “ashen horse”.

Arya has a long history of death – from her ‘kill list’ fashioned from training with the Faceless Men, to dealing the Night King his fatal blow – and it seems she may now be the one to end Daenerys.

One Twitter user posted the theory on Monday: “Arya is death, riding on a pale horse on a path created by Daenerys herself. Arya kills Daenerys in the final episode. Daenerys literally paved the way for her own death with her dragon. #GameOfThrones”.


Another quoted parts from the Bible: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death… #Arya kill #Daenerys #GameofThrones”

Episode 5 also dropped hints about a horse throughout. A little girl in the episode who Arya tries to save carries a white wooden toy horse with her – and a shot of her charred body later in the episode shows her still clutching the toy.

Meanwhile, the penultimate episode is the worst rated of all previous Game of Thrones episodes. A Rotten Tomatoes ranking has revealed a low rating of 49 percent.