The Night King actor says ‘Game Of Thrones’ should have ended with the White Walkers murdering everyone

"I wanted him to wipe everyone out!"

Game of Thrones actor Richard Brake has said he wishes the show ended with The Night King killing everyone.

Brake, who played the show’s antagonist until season six when a scheduling conflict meant the part had to be recast, explained that he was still happy, however, with the way Game of Thrones ended for his character.

“I wanted him to wipe everyone out, I was hoping for that,” Brake told NME. “But you can’t always get what you want!”


Maisie Williams Game Of Thrones
Maisie Williams played Arya in ‘Game Of Thrones’. Credit: HBO

He added: “But I love the fact that Arya killed him. That was to me one of the highlights of that season.

“And for the whole series, the way they developed her character from this little girl who watches her father get murdered, into this incredible assassin, who saves the world. To me that was the most genius thing of the whole series.”

Discussing his character’s demise and the way Game of Thrones ended as a whole, Brake said he was “totally satisfied with how the Night King ended.” In terms of the series finale, he added, “I felt before this season that there would always be a backlash. People are always sad when something comes to an end.”

He added: “Especially Game of Thrones, everyone had their ideas on how it was going to end, with all the theories banging about for the couple of years it took to make that final season.

“I sensed there would be a portion of people who would be disappointed no matter what they did, but I honestly thought it was great.”


Brake is currently starring as Merlin in new fantasy epic Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot, out this week.

Speaking about the new role, Brake said he didn’t watch any other versions of the classic wizard to prepare. “I didn’t even have the time, but I probably wouldn’t have because it would have filled my head with greater anxiety about playing such an iconic character,” he explained. “There’s been some wonderful actors who have played Merlin over the years.”

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Richard Brake
Richard Brake plays Merlin in new fantasy film ‘Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot’. Credit: Signature Entertainment