‘Game Of Thrones’ prequel ‘House Of The Dragon’ confirms release date

The series arrives this summer

The forthcoming Game Of Thrones prequel series House Of The Dragon has confirmed a summer release date.

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The series, taking place 200 years before the events of the flagship HBO show, is set to premiere on August 21 via HBO Max in the US and will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic/NOW in the UK in the early hours of August 22.


House Of The Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood. It will focus on the House Targaryen and will star Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Matt Smith and Rhys Ifans, among others.

New character images from the show have just been released on social media – take a look below:


Martin recently shared his first impressions of House Of The Dragon in a post on his website.

Writing on his website, the fantasy epic’s author and creator celebrated House Of The Dragon being at the top of IMDB’s list of most anticipated series for the year ahead. “That’s one hell of a list to be at the top of,” Martin wrote, noting other inclusions like “Amazon’s new Tolkein series” and “Star Wars shows”.

He continued to say that he was “anticipating House Of The Dragon pretty eagerly myself”, acknowledging that he is “hardly objective”.

He added: “I know a lot of what you will be seeing. (I, um, wrote the book). Also … mum’s the word now, don’t tell anyone… I’ve seen a rough cut of the first episode. And loved it. It’s dark, it’s powerful, it’s visceral… just the way I like my epic fantasy.”

He added that the cast and crew were doing “an amazing job”, saying: “Just as with Game Of Thrones, most viewers will only have heard of a few of the actors, but I think you are going to fall in love with a lot of them (Only to have your heart broken later when… but no, that would be telling). I think the Targaryens are in very good hands. Anticipate away. I do not think you will be disappointed.”

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