‘Game Of Thrones’ producers ‘ignore fan forums’

Bosses behind hit fantasy 'Game Of Thrones' do not look at fan forums

Producers of the hit series Game Of Thrones have claimed to ignore fan reaction when writing the series.

The HBO fantasy epic, which stars Sean Bean and is based on George RR Martin‘s novel series A Song Of Ice And Fire, has already been renewed for a second series.

And although the writers have not been afraid to deviate from the original novels where necessary, they also said they do not pay attention to vocal fans on forums who have their own ideas of how the series should develop.

Producer David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly: “I don’t go onto the message boards to see what people like or don’t like, that wouldn’t be helpful to me personally. We’re writing scripts and we have to do that based on what we think is best for the show, and if you start having too many voices screaming at you inside your skull it gets a little schizophrenic. So ultimately you’ve got to rely on your own judgement about what’s going to work and what’s not going to work.”


His co-producer Dan Weiss added: “Also, if you read 50 comments and it’s 49 positive comments and one troll, the guy who bounces around your head like a ping pong for the next day is the troll. I already got my own trolls inside my head. I don’t need any others.”

Game Of Thrones airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic each Monday at 9pm (BST).