‘Game Of Thrones’ renewed for two more seasons

HBO's fantasy show will continue for a fifth and sixth season

Game Of Thrones has been renewed for two more seasons.

A fifth and sixth series of the HBO show has been commissioned, following the recent premiere of the first episode of the fourth series. The show announced its renewal on its Facebook page, stating: “Raise a glass of Dornish wine. Game of Thrones is renewed for Seasons 5 and 6. Send a raven and spread the word across the realm.”

The first episode of Game Of Thrones‘ fourth season was aired on April 6 in the US and scored a ratings high for its Stateside network. The show’s opener pulled in 6.6 million viewers, which beats last year’s season premiere of 4.4 million, and more than the show’s 5.5 million viewing record, which happened during the third series.

The show was simulcast in the UK on Sky Atlantic and pulled in 537,000 viewers, even though it was broadcast at 2am.

Game Of Thrones, which is adapted from George RR Martin’s series of fantasy novels A Song Of Ice And Fire, has been a huge hit since premiering in 2011 and has won numerous television gongs including Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Emmys.

Speaking previously about the new series, executive producer David Benioff said: “Some of the most shocking and mindblowing scenes of the entire series come at the end of this coming season. This is definitely the most dangerous season for Tyrion [Lannister]. It seems like almost every episode he’s in jeopardy of getting his head removed from his shoulders.”